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Mishloach Manot 5780

Beit Knesset Ohr Shalom is proud to present the fifteenth Annual Kehilla Mishloach Manot. This is your opportunity to let community members know that you're thinking of them at this special time. Simply check off the names of every family to whom you would like to send a mishloach manot, and that family will receive a beautiful basket full of tasty mehadrin treats on Purim day with a card listing your name. The cost is 10 shekels per name you select; for every six names you select, you can choose an additional name for free (e.g. if you pay for 12 families, you get to select 14 names). Or you can add your name to everyone's mishloach manot for only 275 shekels.

Please fill out the form below and continue with online credit card payment by no later than Tuesday, March 3 (Adar 7). Payment will only be accepted online and orders will only be considered complete when the payment has been made. Volunteers in previous years were overwhelmed by late responses and payments, so we appreciate your understanding and accommodation in this matter. We apologize, but we simply cannot accept last minute calls or requests.

Purim Sameach!

If you have any questions you may call any of the following people:

Amanda Bradley 058-627-8990
Julie Morris 999-7107
Amy Sevrinsky 054-544-8031


Select all recipients

Soloveichik, Rav Chayim and Pircha
Abraham, Rafi and Rachel
Abramoff, Ayalah
Berger, Yitzchok and Yaffa
Bergman, Mark and Tzippy
Bialik, Eli and Mazi
Bienenfeld, Alan and Roberta
Bloom, David and Jennifer
Bradley, Amanda and Ben
Brun, Michael and Ruth
Chernin, Ophir and Tami
Chimes, Stanley and Beverly
Cohen, Jonathan and Tzivia
Crandall, Meir and Malca
Derovan, Rabbi David and Linda
Drezner, Yitzchak and Ronit
Duker, Eli and Rochy
Ehrlich, Yair and Shlomit
Engelberg, Shlomo and Yvette
Ennis, Yehoshua and Rena
Friedman, Alan and Jennifer
Friedman, Zvi and Tobi
Goldfrad, Yechezkel and Tanya
Goldis, Stanley and Naomi
Goldman, Nachshon and Talia
Goldman, Tzvi and Miriam
Goldstein, Avram and family
Goldstein, Larry and Margaret
Graf, Isaac and Esther
Greenberg, Ariel and family
Greenblatt, David
Greenwald, Gedaliah and family
Greiff, Jolie and Yakov
Haddas, Zvi and Livia
Hirschhorn, Tevi and Shoshana
Iskowitz, Shalom and Rachel
Itzkovich, Yisrael and Rachel
Jerenberg, Ari and Batya
Kahn, Scott and Aliza
Kaminker, Jack and Chana
Kellerman, Shmuel and Yehudit
Klein, Raphael and Ruth
Kornfeld, David and Chana Bracha
Krongold, David and Chani
Lemkin, Binyamin and Barbara
Lemkus, Nachum and Freyda
Marcus, Rachel Leah
Markus, Moti and Hadas
Miller, Mike and Chaya Tova
Morris, David and family
Morris, Michael and Rivka
Moses, Dov and Bracha
Persoff, Danny and Tova
Poch, Yehuda and Rebecca
Rabinowitz, Jonathan and Ayelet
Ram, David and Rochelle
Razin, Mimi and family
Reich, Zevy and Brie
Reichert, Asher and Rashie
Reichert, Menachem and Sima-Devorah
Reichert, Minnie
Rodin, Jonny and Mashy
Rosen, Eric and Denise
Rosenfelder, Phil and Chana
Rosenthal, Yaacov and Ariel
Rosner, Azriel and Pesha
Rouzaud, Yehudit
Rubin, Avi and family
Sanders, Aryeh and Dvora
Schechter, Yonatan and Shira
Sevrinsky, Richie and Amy
Shaffren, Yisrael and Tzirel
Silverman, Ditza and family
Slutzki, Mark and Yael
Sokol, Daniel and Aliza
Soller, Ari and Eva
Stefansky, Jonathan and Bracha
Stern, Rav Moshe and Sarah
Stern, Shaya and Mina
Sviridyuk, Azriel and Chana
Symonds, Sarah and family
Tatel, Chaim and Leah
Tovey, Nechama and Shmaya
Venismach, Avraham and Bat-sheva (Cohen)
Weed, Michael and Miriam
Wieselthier, Jeffrey and Ilene
Winson, Yirmi and Aviva
Woolf, Tzvi and Zemira
Yashar, Yaakov and Chagit